1 Tsuyoshi Ogawa - Tokyo Crossing Introduction

2 Satoshi Fumi - Asiantam

3 Foog - Microdot (DJ Wada Remix)

4 Foog - The Cage (2015 Mix)

5 Takaaki Tsuchiya - Neon

6 Tsuyoshi Ogawa - Slaved CC

7 Hideyoshi - Dance With Evil

8 R_yu - Bird

9 Satoshi Fumi - Asiantam (Iori Wakasa Remix)

10 Stay Gold - Brisa Presents Omnic



aubele tracks packaged “Kiribako” that Japanese classical gift box. The box is made of paulownia wood, also known as the “princess tree,” a symbolic and favorite choice. Further, when you open it, you can find the traditional Japanese art of paper folding “Origami” in this box. Over the centuries, Kiribako have been used to protect treasured items such as swords, silk kimono or precious jewelry. We create our custom box as a way to keep this custom for music— as well as the love of giving heritage keepsakes — alive for generations to come. You’ll be able to feel the oriental soul from classical Japanese box and modern electronic music. The release of that is undecided, but It will not be long before you can get our box. Music by Tsuyoshi Ogawa - Samidare Video by Hajime Hidani Photo by Suguru Ariga Product Promotion by Emerging Electronic Music Scenes

Kiribako CD Compilation vol.1